At the close of an extremely hot February day in a building devoid of air-conditioning (all sound familiar?), the Point Nepean Community Trust (PNCT) held a "Tribute" ceremony in Badoce Hall. The day was Saturday 7th February 2009. That day was also to become known as "Black Saturday" because of the devasting bushfires in Victoria in which so many people lost their lives, towns, homes and all possessions.

The Point Nepean Community Trust have been the Federal Government's "caretakers" of the old OCS area since about 2002, and have been charged with "renovating and refurbishing" as much as they could with funds available. Although originally schedulled for a handover to the State (Parks Victoria) a little after mid 2008, this was not to be. The actual hand-over occured in August of 2009.

The PNCT had already schedulled a number of commercial events into the new year of 2009, the last of which was their own contribution to the area - in the form of a "Tribute to Peter Badcoe". This took the form of a presentation ceremony, at which a plaque was presented by the PNCT, in the presence of one of Peter Badcoe's daughters, Carey Badcoe, Alan Griffin (Federal Minister for Veterans' Affairs), and Major General David Morrison (Class of Dec '79), deputising for Lieutenant General Ken Gillespie (Class of Dec '72), current Chief of Army. Unfortunately Ken couldn't make it due to a recent operation.



The ceremony was held in Badcoe Hall, the Chief Executive Officer of the PNCT, Mr Alan Studley introducing guests and making the presentation accompanied by David Morrison, whose presentation on behalf of the Chief of Army is available in .pdf format here.

The presentation plaque, a beautifully crafted three-dimensional tribute to Peter Badcoe now hangs prestigiously inside the main doors of the foyer to Badcoe Hall.

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With much gathering and chatting in the not-yet-cooler conditions outside Badcoe Hall, catered drinks and nibblies, and a lone Piper playing on the Parade Ground - the conclusion of the Presentation was but a prelude to a magnificent Dinner in the old Cadets' Mess - the Piper leading guests up to the Mess area.

During the Dinner, the OCS Portsea Alumni, represented by Gerard Nelson, Paul Asbury and Rob de Haas, presented Badcoe Hall with a framed print entitled "Spirits of Portsea Parades Past" - in recognition of the fine efforts of the Point Nepean Community Trust in refurbishing and restoring the Alumni's old Alma Mater - now protected in perpetuity by a "Heritage Listing". The print also hangs in the foyer of Badcoe Hall, on the other side of the main doors to the Badcoe Plaque.

Badcoe Tribute Gallery