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Why A Website?

Quite simple really! From the beginnings of the OCS to the last class of December 1985, we, the members, are a finite group. We have a lot of combined service and experience. We have learned a lot from all our experiences. But where is there a record of those experiences? How can we best communicate them to those that follow us?

We were all selected according to the same criteria. We all underwent the same sort of initial training. We all used our "sameness" in our differing work environments - both within the services, and without. We all "speak the same language". As generations follow us, perhaps they can learn from us - but more importantly, perhaps they can identify with the same sense of "belonging" we all have and use this to further enhance and progress the "spirit" of our Service.

Perhaps all this may be made possible by the accumulation of all our experiences in one repository - a website (perhaps a better medium will be available in future generations.)

Loyalty and Service


Membership to this site is free. As more space is required to hold all our "stuff" - the kind people who host us may include advertisements - on the "Links" pages.

Membership is restricted to all those who were members - graduated or not - of the Officer Cadet School Portsea, all ranks of staff included, from end 1951 to end 1985.

Class Orderlies

Simply to assist in the administration of this site, it is requested that each Class appoint a Class Orderly.
The functions of Orderlies will include:
- Verification of an individual's claim that they were a member of that Class, or that they were on Staff during the period of that Class

- Collection and onforwarding of material (photographic and otherwise) from their Class to the webmaster for inclusion
- Verification of factual material from their Class for inclusion on the site
- Moderate their respective Class categories within the Forum, when established, including membership, classification of content (ie, for public view, or for private view), and to maintain Class data information.

Who Are They?

Contact details for respective Class Orderlies are displayed in the General Information page of each Class.
Those details will be displayed immediately within Class areas upon receipt.

If your Class is not represented, then either volunteer yourself, or contact your Classmates!