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17 Dec 2009

Comments on Photographs You may have noticed in the Reunions link above, that the photographs each have a "Guestbook/Comment" facility. Members in the photographs, as well as others, can now add their comments, making the photo far more "memorable" by expanding the perceptions of the actual photo.
This becomes particularly important for "Scrapbook" photos (the photos taken during our actual years of attendance at Portsea, and accumulated and stored in albums at the RMC Museum). Many of those photos are devoid of names, or descriptions of the events/happenings photographed. The "Scrapbook Galleries" of each Class will be converted progressively to a similar style as the Reunion Galleries, thus allowing for our comments and explanations - whilst we are still alive! I urge you to visit your Class page and Scrapbook Galleries often and help "fill in the information gap" by adding your comment.
I'm mindful of what we put onto our website and where it is stored. Many other websites store their information on "someone's" server in the ether of the Internet, thus losing ownership. However, our "comments" are all stored on our server, so will remain an integral part of the website on the server and in our backups of the website.

Seeking Explanation There are a number of signs around the OCS area whose explanations may be a little hazy or even inaccurate, such as WILSON's FOLLY, and the pathway in front of the Admin Buidlings named Florence Walk. In the case of Wilson's Folly - who was Wilson, what was he attempting to do, what actually happened, and why was the area henceforth known as Wilson's Folly? Similarly with Florence Walk - was this named after one of the cadets or staff, why, what happened, or was it something that belonged to the Army School of Health era? If you can help by providing some answers to these question, please contact the webmaster.
The correct explanations of these matters help in passing on this information either by signage or by verbal/audio delivery by the National Park's guides, and thus keeps our history current (?)

14 Dec 2009
Self Guided Tour brochure. Parks Victoria have produced a "Self Guided Tour" brochure to enable people to have some idea of what they may be looking at. Available here 3.3 MB (right click, save as to download)

8 Dec 2009
Point Nepean National Park Open Day There couldn't have been a better day arranged for the Open Day of the Point Nepean National Park. Not too hot, bright blue skies, and even the flies seemed to be less than normal. The crowds were as expected (advertising having been limited to local Peninsular areas), and a lot of interest was shown in the many aspects of the area, particularly the former Officer Cadet School. Tour groups for the "Day in the life of an Officer Cadet" were guided through the accommodation and Mess buildings and Badcoe Hall by Rob de Haas (Class of Dec '67) and Gerard Nelson (Class of Jun '71), ably assisted by Paul Asbury (Class of Dec '67) and "Old" Fred Greenway (Class of Jun '62).
The former Officer Cadet School/Quarantine Station is now Open to the Public

Validation of the Raison d'Etre of the OCS Alumni. The OCS Alumni was created to bring together members within classes, between classes and includes staff for the period of the OCS 's tenure at Portsea over 35 years. Visitors to the Open Day included Rex Rowe (Class of Jun '53) and his son Rex L Rowe (Class of Jun '79), and Warrant Officer Class Two Phil Chaloner (Staff Instructor '52 and '53). They met again in the Cadets' Mess area for the first time in 57 years!

4 Dec 2009

OCS Flag flies once more.....! Because of the Open Day at Portsea this Sunday 6th Dec 2009, we asked Parks Victoria if the OCS flag could fly from the flagpole. The current "keeper" of the last remaining original OCS flag, Keith Fraser, kindly sent the flag down. Correct protocols for the flag were found from the ANFA (Aust National Flag Assoc - co-located with RSL Vic HQ in Collins St, Melb) and the required attachments were made today (Fri). As there are two Classes celebrating their Reunions this weekend (Dec '59 and Dec '79), the OCS flag will fly the whole weekend. (Click A or B to see photos of flag flying - Flags A and Flags B)

We are making arrangements for the OCS flag to fly on any occasion that an organised group of OCS Alumni members are in the area, eg reunion groups. Parks Victoria have been asked if this could happen, so that the flag could indicate that Alumni members were "in camp", or "back at home". If this is agreed to, then we will have two flags made specific to purpose which will remain in the Parks Victoria flag locker. Costings for the manufacture of two flags will be sought next week, and the Alumni will be asked to make some donations to cover the costs.

26 Nov 2009

Such a long time between updates! That's not to say nothing has been happening. In fact, quite a lot has happened, so here it is:

Tribute to Peter Badcoe: Saturday 7 February 2009 (unfortunately also known as "Black Saturday" in Victoria) saw the Tribute to Peter Badcoe VC in the Peter Badcoe Hall by the Point Nepean Community Trust, as a memento of their respect of the Officer Cadet School tenure.
More information and photo gallery here.
Terry Curtis (SGT Drill Instructor 1966-67) produced this slide show - the "Portsea" march being first tune played, followed by "Land and Sea" - also on
YOUTUBE (type ocsalumni in search box)

Federal Interests In Portsea Handed Over to State: Saturday 8 June 2009, the remainder of the old OCS area, ie the actual buildings, ovals, etc were officially handed over by the Federal Government to the State of Victoria, their agent being Parks Victoria.
(more shortly)

Public Open Day Sunday 6 December 2009: The old OCS grounds, buildings, etc, which have remained screened from Public eyes, is finally open to the Public on a "Open Day" on 6 Dec. For more information, click on link below.
(Information Sheet)

2 Feb 2009

Welcome to 2009. This year may well be a very tough year financially, and thus, emotionally as well. PLEASE, if you have any worries or concerns about yourself and your ability to cope (or concerns about your classmates), PLEASE let us know. I have absolutely no idea how we might be able to help, but we will find ways to assist. Problem is, we can't begin to assist if we don't know

Having said that we obviously hope that the year goes well for each and every member of the Alumni and their families. More and more members are appearing every month - people who have known nothing of the existence of the website or the Alumni until now.

It is especially heartening also to see Classes getting together more than they used to (or for the first time ever since many, many years).
Thanks also to the increasing number of Alumni members who wish to contribute, to have a say, and to help progress the website in some way.

Class Orderlies - many thanks for your continuing assistance and contributions - you really are the backbone of the Alumni. Keeping that "communications line open" is the most important..

Year Ahead

PNCT Badcoe Hall Function. For further info on this function on 7 Feb, please click on the link to the Notice Board, above.

Progressing the Website. There are several aspects that will require some attention and some assistance during this year.
The first one being....Commandants. I would like to get some info on the Commandants - preferrably from them whilst still alive (those that are). Some of you know one or more of the Commandants and may even live close to them. If you do, please let me know, and I will set you some tasks to capture info, pics, video for the website. Same goes for other staff members through the years

Any Extra Drills Awarded? Would appreciate any "scuttlebut", anecdotes, funny or memorable experineces that may have come your way recently - or in your dark dim past! Any of your classmates been awarded "ED's for anything in the past X months??

Notice Board. Please make use of the Notice Board to put your comments up. We would like to expand the percentage in this Pareto Principle environment.

Most of ALL. Have a most enjoyable year - have fun, share your love and fun with your mates and families - and stay well!