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In a general sense, we try to maintain a "non-political" profile on this website. However, from time to time there have been, are, and probably will be a number of issues that directly affect us, and which are an integral part of our "living history". Important subject matter will be referred to, with links to access the information off site.

1.   Concerning DFRB/DFRDBF..... All information concerning the Submission to The Treasurer, the Petition, and actions taken, please click on the indicated DFRB/DFRDB Petition link on the OZVETERANFORCE website.

2. There are considerable on-going concerns about matters such as:
    a. DVA Compensations, and the treatment of Veterans,
    b. Tax considerations about Superannuation, and other DFRB/DFRDBF matters,
    c. Defence Recruiting and current "Conditions of Service", and
    d. The perceptions of the meaning of "Loyalty and Service"

All of the above have information at the OZVETERANFORCE website (opens in separate browser window).

11 July 2007

Apologies. I have a bit of catching up to do. There has been a lot happening in other areas, and I have let the updates for this most important site lapse (temporarily). My personal thanks to all those who have understood, kept me informed, and (most importantly) saved the information for me. More to follow in the next few days. (Rob - Webmaster)