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25 Nov 2006

EXTREMELY IMPORTANT concerning DFRB/DFRDBF..... All information concerning the Submission to The Treasurer, the Petition, and actions to be taken, please click on the indicated DFRB/DFRDB Petition link on the OZVETERANFORCE website.


Annual OCS Portsea Picnic Bar-B-Q

Date: Sun 10 Dec 2006 (1000 hrs to 1800 hrs)

Place: Bar-b-q area SGT's Mess

Admin: BYO everything (Drinks, eats, chairs, umbrellas, etc) Bar-b-q plate in situ.

RSVP: Rob de Haas by COB Fri 8 Dec 2006 (need numbers to notify Pt Nepean Trust) Will advise method of entry on receipt of RSVP. Open to Alumni members, family and friends

30 Jun 2006
Sadly, the hoped for event of the "Return to Portsea" in Nov this year has had to be postponed, for the following reasons:
1. Portsea (OCS) is now a listed Heritage area, and has received considerable funding for its refurbishment. The refurbishment - over the next three years - will commence with the infrastructure, none of which is expected to be completed by end this year, and obvious considerable turmoil in the area. To hold anything of the magnitude we were planning would be a mistake and extremely cost prohibitive - particularly the logistic aspects.
2. The number of enquiries by members/classes, let alone intended commitment, was not indicative of a successful outcome.
So ..... the "Return" will happen, but not this year. The planning will continue, and we will work closely with the Pt Nepean Community Trust to ensure all facilities are refurbished to the required standard to hold this event. It would be premature to say that we could hold this event at end of 2007 - more likely to be 2008.
In the meantime, we have requested the Trust consider placing a permanent annual booking for OCS Alumni activities each mid year (QB weekend), and each mid Nov weekend.
Further, to also provide something for the "Public" on an annual basis, we will request the Army Band Victoria, as well as elements of the ARes 4th Brigade, to annually participate in a Beating of the Retreat on the Nov weekend. Alumni activities can be held in conjunction with this. If this is received favourably, it could well turn out to be a major "calendar" event for the area and for the ARes - as well as for us.
This does not preclude any Class from still having reunion functions in the area this year or next, as 'till now. Just be aware that there may be considerable disruption.

OCS Memorial/Monument? In the notes below, mention is made of the possibility of erecting a lasting memorial/monument - most appropriately on the location of the old Memorial Wall. This seems to have caught the interest of quite a few members, and I would urge you all to discuss this amongst yourselves (and in the Forum if you wish), and provide me with as much feedback as you can. A fitting time for its "unveiling" and dedication would be at the "Return" when facilities are improved. Please take some time to examine the "Precinct Planning Map" to see what is planned for the area, especially the 1st Class Dining Facility and Accommodation planned for the old cadet lines and mess.
Also - it is hoped we will be able to incorporate an OCS Museum component within the Quarantine Station (waterfront area), which is already established as a "Museum". Another vital aspect for your input please.


19 Jun 2006
Trees planted in area between accn blocks - Please look at this picture. The trees were planted sometime in late sixties or even early 1970. They were certainly not there in my time (end of '67). They seem to be NZ Christmas trees (according to caretaker at Portsea). He was concerned that they might have special significance, ie, that they may have been a gift from NZ or a NZ dignitory at the time. They need to be pruned back, and some removed as they are in a state of overgrowth. Can anyone shed some light on the origin and significance of these trees, please?

18 Jun 2006

Fri 16 Jun
saw one of the main aims of the OCS Alumni realized! The OCS Portsea environs (the buildings in which we started our military commissioned careers) have now been entered in the Australian National Heritage List, and are therefore protected. The unfortunate and tragic obliteration of the OTU Scheyville Alama Mater, can now not happen to ours.
Further to that, the Commonwealth Government has allocated a further $27m towards the restoration and enhancement of the buildings and area. The Hon Treasurer, Peter Costello, personally attended the meeting at Badcoe Hall last Friday to announce the grant, which will be available from the end of June this year!
The Point Nepean Community Trust is to be thanked for its persistence in ensuring the continued life of the area - for the benefit of all Victorians, Australians, and within that, all former members of the Officer Cadet School, Portsea.

A little over three years ago, when the debate started over the future of the Point Nepean area, the OCS Portsea Alumni was represented within the Point Nepean Community Trust (charged with the management of the area) to endeavour to ensure that what happened at Scheyville, would not, could not, happen to Portsea - for the benefit of all those who served at Portsea, and for the benefit of their families and friends long after we have "fallen off our branches". Well done Point Nepean Community Trust. The primary aim has been realized. Now starts the task/s of area restoration and work towards ensuring the viability of the area. And the Alumni can figure prominently in those tasks and their outcomes.

A number of documents (downloadbale in .pdf format) are available (hi-lighted sections are added for particular note to Alumni members). These documents are also available in context from the History/Current pages of our website:
* Point Nepean History
* Point Nepean Community Trust
* Additional Funding
* Commonwealth Funding of Point Nepean
* Education and the NCMCC
* National Heritage Listing
* Commonwealth Increases Trust Funding
* Forward Planning
* Site Preparation Works
* Special Projects
* Precinct Planning Map

Please take particular note of the Precinct Planning Map, as the Alumni now has an opportunity to suggest/request a permamant memorial be erected within the site. A suggestion that the Alumni may want to consider is:
A lifesize bronze sculpture of an Officer Cadet saluting (circa mid period, ie late 60's/early 70's) erected on the site of the old Memorial Wall - perhaps also encompassing something depicting the flags of the many nations whose cadets graduated from here, and a dedication to all Cadets and Staff of the OCS Portsea 1952 to 1985. The site of the memorial wall is a most prominent site, and has special significance - so it would be most fitting.
However, action needs to be taken quickly to secure the site, as the base of the old Memorial Wall may be demolished, unless we demand its continuance as a base for our memorial. Discussions are welcome in the Forum.

Return to Portsea
A number of considerations now impact on the proposed Return to Portsea schedulled for Nov this year:
* Will restoration/refurbishments include dining/kitchen facilities in time for mid Nov this year?
* Will water and waste water systems be working sufficiently to cater for a large number of people in mid Nov this year?
* Will use be able to be made of the Cadets Mess area considering the verandahs are currently unsafe, and will restoration be in time for mid Nov this year?

The above considerations are in doubt to be completed by mid Nov, so:
* Would a "Return to Portsea" be better schedulled when these facilities are complete and functioning?
* Would such a "Return" function be more suited especially if a memorial could be dedicated at the same time?
* Would the Alumni make use of a standing annual booking for reunions, say each QB weekend, or mid Nov, or both?
* Would an annual booking for a Beating of the Retreat be an enticement for end of year reunion functions, as well as integrating activities for the public benefit?

Please discuss in the Forum, or email me directly and I will put your thoughts onto the website for others to see.

25 Jan 2006

New link on Links page to Regular Defence Force Welfare Assoc. Suggest you go and have a look (particularly at the "Widows Issues" section), as our death impacts greatly on our widows and families - and we/they need to be prepared...!

24 Jan 2006

For those of us who are having, or have had, some difficulty registering in the Forum, or joining a Class Group - there is some "In Case of Emergency...." help on the Forum link page.

Class of Jun 1969

The Class of June 1969 is currently getting an updated list of graduates and their current address, email and tel no's.
Contact for that is Rob Patterson
We need assistance from someone to get this info for O/S graduates other KIWI's who we are unable to get ourselves.
The Names and areas as follows:
Kenya        Silas Kantai  (later known as Silas Seet)
Phillipines: Romeo Delgado.
Malayasia: Arifin bin Saad  and General Azumi CDF Malaysia Defence Force???
Also a RAAF Graduate.   Joe Peircinski.
ANY assistance in finding these people would be appreciated.
As for Class Orderly??? Use me at this stage and we will formalise the "Appointment" after a future "Board of Studies"?

Rob Patterson

(Note: Your Class page is up and ready to go, Rob - welcome to the Class of Jun '69 ....... Admin)

11 Jan 2006

Just a note further to the item concerning the Forum below:
If you are a Registered Member of the Forum and cannot see this when you have logged in, then either make sure you are also a member of a Class group - or contact me.
You wont be able to see this, or obviously participate within the Forum if you are not in a Class Group.

7 Jan 2006

A Very Happy, Healthy and Prosperous New Year to All
Another exciting year ahead, and planning is already under way for the many activities.

Check the Political Comments link above:
1. For the many whom it affects, the "groundswell" is increasing concerning the inequities of the current indexation of Military and Commonwealth superannuation. If you are a DFRBF or MSBS superannuant, then this definitiely affects YOU. Make sure you read and digest all the information available and take whatever action you believe appropriate..!
2. The area previously occupied by our Alma Mater, the Officer Cadet School is attracting more and more interest. It's an ongoing concern and we will update this section progressively. Again, it's a case of "the world is run by those who turn up". We won't have a say in the future of the area unless we take some action, individually and collectively...!

Currently the Forum is under-utilised. Why?
Do members find it too difficult to access?
If there are login problems, please let me know immediately.
For discussions concerning Superannuation, the future of the Portsea area, and many other matters, please join in and contribute. If you have nothing to say yourself, perhaps you may wish to comment on what someone-else has said.
Please remember - Your discussions are private.

Extra Forum topics have been added:
DFRBF & MSBS Discussions, and
Retaining our Alma Mater and What We Can Do About It

"Return to Portsea"
A meeting (probably over nibblies or perhaps dinner) at the Melb Naval & Military Club is schedulled for the first week in Feb 2006. The invitation is open to any Alumni member in Melb (or Vic). The purpose of the meeting is to enlist some assistance in the planning and coord of the end-of-year function - "Return to Portsea". We really need to make a "splash" with this function as our future relationships with the Trust may be judged by how well we pull this one off.
Please indicate your willingness to attend (exact date TBA) by email, or ph: 0413 063 361

This site will shortly incorporate a database for Members' input and up-date of their contact and personal information, including past and current "mug-shots".. The information members provide will be viewable according to the wishes of the individual, ie select "For Public View", "Members' View", "Class Orderly View", or a combination of these.
Forum registration will remain separate.

Gradually the whole website will be database-driven.