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18 Dec 2004
A proposal has been put forward for a "Return to Portsea 2005". There will need to be significant interest in such a proposal before we start commiting resources to planning and organising such an event.
The Forum topic has a Poll which we urge all Alumni Members to vote in, and make comments within the topic. A meeting will be convened in Melb in latter half of January to determine the viability of orgainising an activity on this scale - based on the interest shown. For this event to take place we will require an absolute bare minimum of 200 committed members plus partners, etc. If a good indication can be shown before the Melb meeting, we can feel more comfortable in setting the wheels in motion. We will be endeavouring to keep costs down by seeking sponsorships, donations, etc. If you can assist here, please advise.
Your greatest assistance would be in getting the "word" out to as many members as possible and asking them to submit their vote in the Poll.

8 Dec 2004
Super Scheme.
An extremely important letter for all of us affected. Action to be taken!

7 Dec 2004
Further to the Memorial Wall Relocation
I had a chance to see the new location for the Wall while in Canberra over the weekend - and I agree with locals who have also seen the site, that it is most appropriate. Facing West towards the Military Instruction block - set back from the road by about 30 metres, framed by mature trees. To the left of the Wall (East) is the RMC Officers Mess car park, in no way detrimental. I made a point to see Brig Chris Appleton and thank him personally on behalf of the Alumni
Data Collection
A number of Alumni members turned up at the RMC museum on the Friday and Saturday (thanks Paul!!) to offer some help in "capturing" OCS data for the website, and we have commenced search & capture operations for data applicable to the the history of the establishment of the OCS, and the first few classes from one perspective. From the other perspective - working back from the last class to graduate - and also some work in the middle starting with the Class of Dec '74. My thanks to all those who offered their assistance. The tasks may take some time to complete, but interest has steadily gained momentum over the past twelve months, and much more activity is planned for the coming months.
Return To Portsea
A new Forum topic will be up for discussion shortly - to gauge interest in a "Return to Portsea" weekend at the end of next year, 2005. December 2005 is the last time any OCS Class can celebrate its 20th Graduation Anniversary (Class of Dec '85), and coincides with the 20th Anniversary of the Closure of the OCS Portsea. We can't let this significant milestone pass by without some "extravaganza" of some sort ....!?? Discuss interest in, pros and cons, etc, in the Forum.
Acceptance of the Alumni by the Pt Nepean Trust, and the Committee of Management
Recent meetings with the CEO and Board Member/s of the Pt Nepean Trust have secured the Alumni's position as a major stake holder in the future of the area that was once the OCS, Portsea. The Alumni has also been included as a major stakeholder in the Management Planning Committee for the area. With the Victorian State Government recently announcing that it will accept the area from the Commonwealth, this may mean changes in the area's administration. As details come to hand, we will let you know. If there are any Alumni Members who would particulalry like to be included in these aspects, please let me know. Although it would be ideal for those interested to be locally resident, with modern communication it is not essential.
Annual Picnic Bar-B-Q
Weather forecasts indicate a little rain for the picnic bar-b-q next Sunday (12th Dec), although high temperatures should provide a nice "tropical" atmosphere. At the moment, about 40 pers are expected, but could be more. Remember, BYO everything. Even if, at the last minute, you decide to join us, please call me and let me know - mob: 0413 063 361. We look forward to seeing you there - travel safe.

29 Nov 2004
ortsea Memorial Wall Relocation
The following email was received from Commandant RMC today:
Dear Rob,
Some weeks back I received LTCOL John Merrick, Rtd; and Brig Tan Roberts, Rtd; for a briefing and tour of the OCS Memorial relocation plan. This followed the visit of MAJGEN Gillespie, LCAUST. All agreed that the proposed new site is most appropriate.
Following LCAUST's concurrence, the removal is underway. The bulk of the work is expected to be complete by Grad on 14 Dec. The remainder will be complete by Christmas.
Capt Geoff McGraw will forward you the design engineer's impression of the relocated memorial which you may wish to publish on the Alumni site. A hard copy is en route to Brig Tan Roberts.
With best wishes to you and the Alumni.
Warm regards,
Chris Appleton
Commandant RMC-A

On your behalf (the Alumni's) I have thanked Brigadier Chris Appleton and expressed our appreciation for the endeavours to ensure a lasting and appropriate location and environment for our Memorial Wall. Perhaps you may like to also express your individual appreciation to him directly through his email address. For a watchful eye on our vested interest, thank you also to Tan Roberts (Jun '52), John Merrick (Jun '52), and Ken Gillespie (Dec '72)
I will be in Canberra on Friday and will be calling on Commandant RMC personally to say "thank you".
Engineer's impressions of the finished work are available here (in .pdf format - requires Acrobat Reader)
................................Rob de Haas


"Before, After, and Now..." photos with your Class list.
We are working hard to include some "old photos" with your Class lists. This will take some considerable time as everything has to be scanned (no digital storage back then). Take a look at the Class of Jun '75 as an example.
And - well done Class of Jun '75 - you are certainly "getting it together"!

OCS Lapel Pins
I have a whole bunch of OCS Lapel pins, which I had to purchase to get it all "set up". Take at look at the "Memorabilia" page for details. The sooner I can sell these off, the sooner I can "pay the bill". By the way, the lapel pins are truly fine quality representations - but smaller than the lapel badges we used to wear (2cm x 2cm). Other items (cuff links, tie bars) available through the Military Shop link. Wear with pride.

15 Nov 2004
They are available.....!!!! Superb quality and definition. Simply click on links here or through "Memorabilia" link and purchase from "Military Shop".
Bullion embroidered pockets and other accessories shortly also available from "Military Craft".(EBE)

5 Nov 2004
Can we
"spread the word" for "Charlie"?
I received this today from Charlie Lynn (Jun '68) - known (or known of) to almost all:
We have a new web site at 
We now need to tell the world - can you send it out to your friends on your E-mail list?  It would be much appreciated.....................
I hope this finds you fit and well. 
Lukim yu, 

Well, old mate - methinks you probably deserve a link on our Links page as well. Anyone of our members still fit enough to give Charlie a run? If not - at least spread the word for him!
(PS - Hey Charlie - how about some pics and raucous yarns to put on a "What are we doing These Days?" page?)

1 Nov 2004
OCS Portsea Picnic Bar-B-Q
For all members (friends and families) in Victoria, or intending to be in Victoria on Sunday 12 December - please see the "Events" calendar re details of the Annual OCS Portsea Picnic Bar-B-Q - and get your returns ready to send in by due date.
It's a great day - to which as all those who have been before can attest! Look forward to seeing you all there!

Funeral Arrangements for Major General Duncan Francis
Funeral is on Wednesday in Canberra at St Christopher's, Manuka, at 10.00am. Funeral notice with further details in Saturday's Canberra Times.
Rest in Peace, General.

27 Oct 2004
Vale: Major General Duncan Francis.
We have been advised that Major General Duncan Francis passed away last night (Tue 26 Oct) in John James Hospital, Canberra.
There is to be a military funeral - details unknown at this time. Please advise others that may have known Duncan.
Further details will be advised as they come to hand.

Memorial Wall To Be Moved
A recent incident concerning a perception that the OCS Memorial Wall at Duntroon would be moved to a "less than appropriate" location caused considerable information to be directed to many people via email. In the end, the Commandant RMC, released information dispelling the misinformation above, and clarified intentions re the Wall's future within the grounds of Duntroon. The Commandant's email is available, as, in turn, is a response by an OCS graduate. Click here.
A couple of points arise because of all of this:

  1. True, that there is no "formal" association or society for OCS members and staff, as stated by Commandant RMC - "In the absence of an OCS Association, LCAUST has been engaged throughout the process as has the Duntroon Society, which as you know represents the interests of RMC/OCS/WRAAC and OTU.
    However, it is also true that there actually is an "organisation" for OCS members and staff. That organisation is the OCS Portsea Alumni, represented by this website. - and, if anything, is a more than ideal medium for the dissemination of information concerning anything remotely to do with OCS Portsea, its members, staff, and history.
    The website has a Forum in which members can freely exchange ideas, opinions, and suggestions - openly and transparently. Should options be be considered for "courses open", then the "Poll" facility is available to measure the popularity of any option.
    Should anyone other than an OCS member or staff wish to publish information to the Alumni members, then the Forum can also be used, as can emails to the webmaster who would then publish within these pages.
    May I invite and urge all Alumni members to please consider utilizing the Forum for the dissemination of information. Besides, the Forum can be visible by anyone not having email, and certainly helps to reduce the "clogging" process of email "pipes".
  2. In the earlier part of this year, several of our senior serving members discussed with Commandant RMC the intricacies of a move of the Memorial Wall, and its implications wrt to location and aesthetics. As a result of these discussions, Commandant RMC advised that any move of the Wall would be in accordance with the aforesaid considerations.
    What's this leading to? Trust. Part of the meaning of Loyalty and Service, including a term that we all knew well and truly by Graduation - "mutual support". "Mutual" means "each other" - that goes for Loyalty, Trust, Information, and a host of other values. Note - that doesn't preclude checking and double-checking!
    Please let us not discard these critical military and life values. Talk to each other, discuss, converse and respect and appreciate the perceptions of others. Use the medium that has been provided for you .... this website, and its Forum!
    Here for you - in Loyalty and Service

13 Oct 2004
The Alumni will be needing funds. Can you help? Click on Fund Raising link above for proposal, and please discuss in Forum.

5 Oct 2004
New stuff in "History/Current" section

30 Sep 2004

I will be visiting Portsea tomorrow (Fri 1 Oct), primarily with some reps from a couple of classes to recon the area for forthcoming events:
1. Possible reunion activity weekend 11/12 Dec 04
2. Annual Picnic Bar-B-Q 12 Dec 04, and
3. Reunion activities for Jun and Dec 05
There is a possibility that the CEO of the Pt Nepean Trust Committee will also be there - if not, then I will see him separately in the afternoon. The purpose of this meeting is to convey our (OCS Alumni) thoughts on the use of areas within the grounds, and how we may be able to asist in maintenance of some sort.
Short notice, I know, but if any of you can drop me an email with any suggestions you may have (or phone me), I can add these to the list I already have. I would like to make a formal presentation to the Committee in the near future, so please keep your suggestions rolling in.
Hopefully, I'll be able to give you an intial impression tomorrow night, as a result of my meeting with the CEO.
Over to you.
(Rob de Haas)
Mob: 0413 063 361

19 Sep 2004
Vale. 217222 Lieutenant Colonel Russell William McCormack (Rtd) - RACT- DOB 16 Jul 46 - OCS Class of Dec '67,
died after a long, but little publicly known illness of cancer, on Sat 18 Sep 2004.
Verbal advice is that the funeral will be at 1400 hrs on Wednesday, 22 Sep at Castlebrook Crematorium, Windsor Road, Rouse Hill.
Our most sincere condolences go to his wife Pat, Baulkham Hills 02-9614 5260.

Russ, a "higher authority" has given you this last posting order . May you find the rest and peace you've waited for and so deserve. Your Class of Dec '67 will miss you. Farewell dear friend.

15 Sep 2004
You Can Now Go Shopping!
We have become registered business partners with a couple of retail outlets for your "Memorabilia". Profits of sales will be disbursed to within the Portsea Committee of Management
to assist with the ongoing costs of maintenance of our Alma Mata.
Members are welcome to discuss this disbursement within the Forum,and we are open to all suggestions. In the meantime, please enjoy the facility. OCS related items will shortly be available for your purchase. Go to the "Memorabilia" link.
1 Sep 2004
Vale - Alan Walker Anderson, RAASC, RAAOC, OCS Class of Jun '54
Alan died on 31 Aug 2004 on the Gold Coast at age 69

He served in SVN as the Capt RAASC on HQ 1ATF in 1966-67 following the Force deployment in 1966.

The funeral of our comrade Alan Anderson will be held at
1600 hrs Friday 3 Sept 2004,
at the Church of the Good Shepherd, (Uniting Church),
Cotlew Street, Ashmore, QLD near Ashmore Shopping Centre.

Rest in Peace old son.

31 Aug 2004
"The grounds of the former Officer Cadet School, Portsea represent an important historical and spiritual site for the many Australian and overseas officers who graduated from the institution, as well as for those who attended but did not graduate, the staff and the many civilian employees and their families who worked there or who were associated with the School.

Portsea is not just any site. Its location and its geography make it a special military historical site that is a significant part of Australia's history. Portsea was established at a time when there were real concerns about the future of the world and this country. The environs (including the built environs) are unique and must be preserved as a symbol of Australia's resolve and independence.The graduates and staff represent a generation of oustanding leaders and soldiers whose dedication to "loyalty and service" was without question. The Royal Military College has a history of its own and cannot ever be regarded as a replacement for Portsea.If for nothing else, Portsea should be preserved as a national monument to the qualities that epitomised those who served Australia there over the years - selflessness, service, fitness and professionalism - characteristics that should continue to be recognised."

John Wilson
Lieutenant Colonel (Retd)
Graduate June 1967

12 Aug 2004
Haven't Seen the New Medal Yet?
Still some controversy over the 6 and 3 year eligibility periods - but here it is.
OCS Memorabilia Being Maintained
The following is the text of an email I received from Ross Howarth, Curator of the RMC Museum:
Just a brief note to mention the refurbishing of the OCS Scrapbooks in the Museum.
In March, with the Curator Major Robert Morrison, I placed a submission in front of trhe RMC Heritage Committee for the refurbishment of six large leather bound scrapbooks on display in the RMC Museum.
The Committee approved the expenditure of $8,000 for the restoration of the books.
The pages were cut out of the leather binders, trimmed and patched, and placed in A2 size sheets of mylar. The mylar was placed in plastic binders each containing 38 inserts. The 18 binders were then labelled with the course dates. Each binder has a plastic cover with the OCS flag and crest on the front.
Several courses have limited coverage and in those cases I have reserved blank pages for future contributions.
It is hoped that this treatment will preserve the photos and drawings for at least another 50 years. My thanks go to RMC headquarters for funding and supporting this project.

Ross Howarth

Note: I hope to be in Canberra within the next few weeks, and intend to spend a couple of days while there in photographing the OCS Scrapbooks and other OCS memorabilia, for use within this website.
May I take this opportunity, on behalf of all OCS members, to publicly thank Ross (and the RMC Heritage Committee for their funding) for taking this initiative in helping to preserve our heritage items. Thanks Ross.

30 Jun 2004

What's All the Fuss About?
More spurious statements about the OCS Portsea land and buildings.
(Seems like we need a bunch of OCS graduates to take it over and show them how to manage it!)

Vale - Andy Mattay (Dec '60)
I have just been informed by Col Viv Bird (Canberra) that Andy Mattay has passed away. His funeral arrangements are in today's Canberra Times, he was aged 63 and died of cancer in Hobart. Vale Andy Mattay.

Our thoughts are with Andy's family and friends - Rest in Peace
MATTAY, Colonel Andrew (Andy) Died of cancer at St John's Hospital, Hobart, on Monday June 28, 2004. Aged 63. Son of Julian and Zarita (both dec). Brother of Marileen (dec), Barbara and Julian. Husband of Melegueta. Former husband of Annette. Father of Caroline, Jane and Hugh. A soldier's soldier, to the end. A man who gave so much of himself, to so many. He will be sorely missed The Funeral Service will be held at St Mary's Cathedral, Hobart, at 11:00am on Saturday July 3rd, 2004. Graham Family Funerals 73 Risdon Road New Town, Tas Ph: 03 62782722

26 Jun 2004

Australian Defence Medal
(see full Media Release)
Great! Another gong!
But ..... what about increased assistance for those who suffered in any respect in earning that gong?

25 Jun 2004

You know, it is nice to know sometimes that you are on the right track ...... that you are actually "making a difference".
The following says it all, and is accepted with kindest thanks:

Dear Rob : It is my pleasure on behalf of the 3/53 Class to express our thanks for your efforts in the inclusions for the OCS webpage. Comments made by fellow graduates include - " Impressive " , " Great Idea " and " Awesome " -  this page must surely be looked upon well by all classes. It will take some time , no doubt , for the webpage to become known to all but I assure you I will see that it is widely spread to my group and through them to others. Both yourself and Paul (Paul Asbury Dec '67) have done a great job . In appreciation Bob
Bob Watson
Class of 3/53 (Jun '53)

22 Jun 2004

Nice to see a Class start to "get it all togther" so quickly. Well done Keith Fraser (Jun '75)

18 Jun 2004

Soldiers of Misfortune
"THOUSANDS of Australian military personnel will be ripped off in retirement because their pensions are calculated using 40-year-old life expectancy data
Daily Telegraph (Ian McPhedran 8 Jun 2004). More.....

See also discussions in Forum.....................
Does action require to be taken?
And ..... there is (of course) also the official DFRDB info......

10 Jun 2004

Signing of Trust Deed for Point Nepean
(see "Political Comments" above) Class of Jun '75 Joins Us!
The first photos for this Class have been added, albeit from a sad occasion. (Lest we Forget)

8 Jun 2004

A general call for members of the Class of Jun '75 - Next year (2005) is your 30th Anniversary for Graduation. Please contact your Class Orderly.

19 May 2004

How could I not share this (thanks Bernie):Sending Old Men off to War.

If I could, I'd enlist today and help my country track down those responsible for killing thousands of innocent people in New York City and Washington, DC.

But, I'm over 60 now and the Armed Forces say I'm too old to track down terrorists. You can't be older than 35 to join the military. They've got the whole thing backwards. Instead of sending 18-year-olds off to fight, they ought to take us old guys. You shouldn't be able to join until you're at least 35.

For starters: Researchers say 18-year-olds think about sex every 10 seconds. Old guys only think about sex a couple of times a day, leaving us more that 28,000 additional seconds per day to concentrate on the enemy. Young guys haven't lived long enough to be cranky, and a cranky soldier is a dangerous soldier.

If we can't kill the enemy we'll complain them into submission. "My back hurts!" "I'm hungry!" "Where's the remote control?" An 18-year-old hasn't had a legal beer yet and you shouldn't go to war until you're at least old enough to legally drink. An average old guy, on the other hand, has consumed 126,000 gallons of beer by the time he's 35 and a jaunt through the desert heat with a backpack and M-60 would do wonders for the old beer belly. An 18-year-old doesn't like to get up before 10 a.m. Old guys get up early (to pee).

If old guys are captured, we couldn't spill the beans because we'd probably forget where we put them. In fact, name, rank, and serial number would be a real brainteaser.

Boot camp would actually be easier for old guys. We're used to getting screamed and yelled at and we actually like soft food. We've also developed a deep appreciation for guns and rifles. We like them almost better than naps.

They could lighten up on the obstacle course, however. I've been in combat and didn't see a single 20-foot wall with rope hanging over the side, nor did I ever do any pushups after training. I can hear the Drill Sergeant now, "Get down and give" And the running part is kind of a waste of energy. I've never seen anyone outrun a bullet.

An 18-year-old has the whole world ahead of him. He's still learning to shave, to actually carry on a conversation, to wear pants without the top of the butt crack showing and the boxer shorts sticking out, to learn that a pierced tongue catches food particles, and that a 200-watt speaker in the back seat of a Honda Accord can rupture an eardrum. All great reasons to keep our sons at home and to learn a little more about life before sending them off to a possible death. Let us old guys track down those dirty rotten cowards who attacked our hearts on September 11. The last thing the enemy would want to see right now is a couple of million old farts with attitudes.

Share this with your senior friends

25 Apr 2004

Demise of Mons. Gerry Cudmore, AM
Unfortunately, I don't have the details of Father Gerry's demise, but funeral details are as below:
The funeral service for Mons. Gerry Cudmore, AM. will be held at St Patricks Roman Catholic Cathedral,  Cathedral Place, Melbourne, on Tuesday, 27th April 2004. The service will commence at 11:00am.
26 Mar 2004
Hand-Over of OCS Portsea area to Victorian Government Sunday 28 Mar 2004 at 1200hrs.
See comment in "Point Nepean's Future" section of the Forum. 8 Mar 2004
Tracey Pope (Dec '85) has arranged for the Inaugural Meeting of DAWN (Defence Australia Womens' Network) to convene over a casual lunch on Sunday 4th April 2004 at The Cafe Nedlands Park Hotel.
Tracey has embarked on an extremely worthwhile challenge, and not before time! Details are in the Events Calendar (WA) and also mentioned in the Forum (Members' Activities). We have offered the facility of this website to assist Tracey, and we urge you all to lend as much support as you possibly can. By all means discuss the concept and all it entails within the Forum.
Know anyone who would like to arrange a similar function with the same aims in other States? Please contact Tracey.
Go for it Tracey - onya! 2 Mar 2004
Latest information concerning additional Benefits for Veterans. (Opens in a separate window).
And of course - there's this perspective!

Great news also from our Malaysian brothers:
From Mohd Said:
We had a very good reunion the other nite. The Aussie High Comm was present, so was a Maj( unfortunately I forgot his name) ex OCS and currently serving in Butterworth. Spouces of those who passed away was also present. This is the first time all of us were together under one roof! I know we took various photos that nite, but I have not seen them yet. Will forward to you as soon as I have them. In the meanwhile I have some newspaper cuttings on the event for your info.

27 Feb 2004
The Class of Jun '65 joins us! Welcome!
Check out their galleries!11 Feb 2004

A message from our Malaysian colleagues, care of Mohd Said Harun (Class of Dec '67):
We in Malaysia are in the process of forming an OCS Alumini. In principal the serving officers have agreed to front it. I am giving them the support and hopefully with your help we can get it off the ground soon. The first function that we are organising is the LOYALTY & SERVICE Nite . The aim is to get all the 92 graduates together and we hope that the exercise can get off with the agreement of the majority. Grateful if you assist to insert in the OCS website the foll;

LOYALTY & SERVICE Nite at the Raintree Club KUALA LUMPUR Malaysia on 20 Feb 04 at 8pm. All OCS Graduates are welcomed at RM 100 per couple. Those interested please contact Mohd Said Harun tel (m) 6012 3915651, 603 51921868 ,
Well done Said. Congratulations and all the very best for a most successful evening and the beginnings of a great Alumni. We are of course happy to include the Malaysian Group as a separate entity within this site (or link to your own), as well as make your group a separate "Class Group" within the Forum (you as moderator) - as well as the members being members of their own OCS Class Group. Same goes for all graduates from outside Australia - and the challenge goes out for you all to "get to it". I know that our brothers in the Philippines have already "banded" and will join this site in one form or another.
Let us know the outcomes, please - and if there is anything we can do for you, just yell.

Salam Alaikum - and God Bless.2 Feb 2004
Belated best wishes for 2004 with hopes that it will be a Great year for us all.The Class of Dec '63 have some snaps in from their 40th Reunion last Dec, andThe Class of Jun '53 have submitted some Scrapbook snaps.It's a slow process - but I'm sure all Classes are diligently sifting through their photographic records and will have them to the site shortly...(??)18 Dec 2003
Parliamentary Decision on old OCS Portsea grounds.

The actual text is not available from the Ministers Office, but Fran Bailey stated on air at 1100 hrs today that the land will remain in "Trust" at least for the next five years, and hopefully become part of the National Parks. Thre would be no "mass commercialisation" - but, obviously some finance must be generated from the property. Apparently $10m has been donated by a "family" and the Federal Govt has responded with a further $5m into the "Trust" for the upkeep.
Will advise (with links) when more detail is at hand. More detail here. Discussion on how OCS members can benefit from this situation - see Forum.Bar-B-Q Picnic at Portsea.
Great! Beautiful day, wonderful people - everyone enjoyed the day immensely and advocated it be an "annual event". Just under forty people (incl kids) - with reps from Dec '67, Jun '68, Jun '70, Jun '73, Dec '85, and one from OTU! Will have some photos up shortly.10 Dec 2003
Response from Previous Commandant
OCS Commandant Jan '78 to Dec '80, BRIG (Rtd) Brian (Chunky) Florence was very vocal during his term, about the future possibilities of degradation of the flora and fauna of the OCS area, and worked tirelessly for those possibilities to be both recognised and averted. Brian has not changed his perspectuve in this regard and has allowed us to display his present comments of concern. His comments are also repeated within the Forum to generate discussion.On Melb TV (A Current Affair) this night
(Click to view)6 Dec
The Bar-b-q at Portsea on 14 Dec is under way! Open to all OCS members in Victoria (or passing through) at the time.

Poll - OCS Memorial Wall - registered members, please place your vote in the Forum

6 Nov
Success! We have approval for the conduct of a Bar-b-q at Portsea on Sun 14th Dec. See Events Calendar for details.

4 Nov
Latest Action information for Point Nepean
E-letter No 9 (.pdf file opens in separate window)
3 Nov
A start has been made on the Staff pages - Commandants - but we need details. If you have any, or have conatct with any previous COMDTS or their families, we respectfully request your cooperation.30 Oct
Response from Chief of Defence Force re OCS Memorial Wall. This response was received to an email directed to the CDF by a concerned OCS graduate.
27 Oct

Bullion Breast Pocket
Can anyone advise where these were purchased from? (Click here to see image in separate pop-up window )

Class of June 1973
A link has been added to include their own site.Who is FKP LImited?
For your information (.pdf format opens in separate window) Action information for Point Nepean
E-letter No 8 (.pdf file opens in separate window)If you have any interest at all in assisting in the preservation of Point Nepean, please read this message and take the action you feel appropriate and applicable. (Message opens in separate window)Please note - although a copy of the draft of the Lease has been requested from both the Parliamentary Secretary and FKP led Consortium, no copy has been received, nor has the request even been acknowledged!22 Oct
A request has been made on behalf of all OCS members to the Parliamentary Secretary concerning the transfer of the OCS Portsea land by lease to a development Consortium. ( see Request )A copy of the draft Lease (due for signatures within two weeks) is being obtained and will be viewable on this site as soon as received.Please include your comments (support or objections) in the Forum.
20 OctThe Forum is up!19 OctOCS Portsea Grounds
1. Announced on Sat 18 Oct - the grounds of the old OCS Portsea will be leased for a 40 yr period to a Qld Consortium for tourist/resort purposes. Contract is said to be signed in 2 weeks time. I am trying to get the Forum up and running to invite discussion. In the interim - if you have a comment, please email and I will include on a separate page linked to this.
2. What will this mean to us?
3. What will this mean to our Alma Mata?
4. Is there something we can do?
5. Should we even consider doing anything?
6. Can we learn anything from the OTU Scheyville Graduates and the long running battle to preserve even a little of their Alma Mata?More information has been found.
And also check FKP Limited
The Victorian National Parks Association website provides a very detailed and specific insight to the concerns of "privatisation" and "commercialisation" of the land at Portsea.If we, OCS Portsea members, care at all about the area of our Alma Mata and what happens to that area - we have two weeks in which we can at least voice our opinions and let others know of our objections. I'm reminded of the phrase "...You don't know what you got, 'till its gone...!"Saving Point Nepean E-Letter No-7Posted 16 Oct
1. Events CalendarPosted 15 Oct1. Class of Dec '78 "assembling at their RV" - watch out for them!2.
Open Invitation to Members of All Classes Resident in Victoria (or passing through at the time)
Family Bar-B-Q at Portsea - 1100hrs Sun 14 Dec (subject to approval thru Canberra)
Details TBA
RSVP Rob de Haas please by 24 Oct (probably can extend this, but really do need earliest indication!)3. State Event Coordinators so far:
a, Vic Oswin Slade ( Jun '80 )
b. WA
Greg Elliott ( Dec '78 )
c. Qld Paul Asbury ( Dec '67 )
(interim only)
(Other contact details on Events main page)

Posted 8 Oct

1. 35th Anniversary Reunion galleries Class of Dec '67

2. In Memoriam page


Don't have one of these...yet?

"Loyalty and Service" by Neville Lindsay

History of the Officer Cadet School, Portsea AU$40.00 (incl postage within Australia) Enquire for postage outside Australia
Payment: Cheque/Money Order
Cheques payable to:
Gen Sir James Harrison Memorial Trust
Contact (at RMC Duntroon):
CAPT Nathan Archer
Phone: +61 2 6265 9775


And for those who can remember........

Great stuff - Poetry by Ned Falconer (7RAR first trip), and a CD with his poetry set to music. Have a tissue handy when listening to the CD! ___________________________________