Concerning previous OCS land at Portsea.
a. 12 Mar 2003 Point Nepean Decision - Benefit for all Victorians

b. 9 Apr 2003 No Response from Bracks Government - Time Running Out

c. 25 Aug 2003 Pt Nepean Preserved in Community Hands

d. 18 Dec 2003 Pt Nepean Community Trust to be established

e. Signing of Trust Deed

f. Charter and Responsibilities of Pt Nepean Trust Committee

Concerning Heritage Listing and Extra Funding 16 Jun 2006

g. Point Nepean History

h. Point Nepean Community Trust

i. Additional Funding

j. Commonwealth Funding of Point Nepean

k. Education and the NCMCC

l. National Heritage Listing

m. Commonwealth Increases Trust Funding

n. Forward Planning

o. Site Preparation Works

p. Special Projects

q. Precinct Planning Map


Since early 2002 there has been much discussion (and debate) about the future of the Defence owned land at Portsea

Various organisations and Government departments, both State and Federal, have claimed interest (or not) in the prime real estate that was the Officer Cadet School. To a certain extent, the future of the land and its facilities are still uncertain. Even the outcome of Federal Elections in Oct 2004 have a bearing on its fate.

Some of the more pertinent discussions are accessible here - and we are sure there will be more to add in time!

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