In general, the site is fairly basic, and little help should be required, so it is not envisaged that this section will grow much larger.

Photo Galleries

Within the OCSPORTSEA site, each class has the potential for three major galleries:
- The Scrap Book Gallery - for all photos relative to the class's time at Portsea
- The Reunions Gallery - for snaps taken at reunions over successive years
- The Miscellaneous Gallery - for any other photographic content

Gallery Capabilities

Each gallery is capable of holding 1000s of photos, and can be broken down into sub-galleries (sub-folders) based on subject. That is, if you have a series of photographs of the one subject, eg "Camp Training", or "Graduation", or "Our Rugby Efforts in 19xx" - they can be held in a sub-folder and then more easily accessed as an individual subject.

Photographs will normally contain (photographic) information - aperture settings, speeds, flash info, comment, voice annotations, and the like. However, because of the sheer volume of data already envisaged for the site, photgraphic info is generally limited to "Comment", which is displayed on the slide for that photo.

To include Comments for your photographs, most good image editors (Adobe Photoshop, Corel PhotoPaint, PaintShop Pro) allow you to annotate your photos - usually within "Properties", or "Image Information".

A very effective and versatile (and FREE) image editor and viewer is IrfanView.

Photograph Dimensions

Photographs should best be provided at the resolution taken - they will be scaled down for web use at the webmaster end.
Photo format should be .jpeg/.jpg, or .png

Photo file names should be in a sequence, eg a001water tests, a002water tests. The photos will be displayed according to the numerical sequence, and the name will be used for the "subject folder" in which the sequence is displayed.

Any comments embedded within the photograph will display automatically above the slide when selected.

In order to monitor the flow of submissions, and to verify the submissions, it is requested that all submissions for content be through Class Orderlies.

Submissions may be through email or on disk - and up-loads of new content are expected to be complete by end of each weekend at latest.

When you scan your photographs for the first time,please scan at high resolutions (eg 300 dpi, with size about 800x600 or larger). To reduce the resolution for display on the web is easy - but to increase the resolution of a "low res" picture suitable for printing, is next to impossible.
Collections of hi res pics can be saved to disk and forwarded on to the webmaster for future archiving. Ask for address to which to send.

Photographs for In Memoriam

Some photos of a number of our departed members have been a little difficult to get, so, if you or someone you know, can provide an applicable photograph, please submit it so we can complete the Roll of Honour.

Photographs for Passing Parade

A "Passing Parade" page/s was considered for all those of us who have passed on. Similar to the Honour Roll, it would incorporate a past and most recent photograph, and some brief bio details. If this is what is wanted by members, then please let the webmaster know.

Calendar of Events

New calendar facility up shortly....!


We used to have a Forum on this site but:
1. It wasn't used much, and
2. It was prone to being attacked by spam bots.
So - if you have comments, or want anything put up for general view, please send email and it will be posted on the link from the Home page (Members' Comments and Notice Board)

Send email to webmaster at:
ocsadmin at

Note: Any content (photographic or otherwise) that contains rude, obscene or inappropriate material will not be accepted for posting onto the site.
Information posted that may require alteration due to factual considerations will be so altered as soon as possible after verification of facts. Authors of content of fact may be asked to verify, with documentary proof, such content.
Notification of any content requiring removal or special consideration, should be made direct to the Webmaster "ocsadmin at"